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  • Easy multimedia

    A quick trip over at one of my favourite sites, Interactive Narratives, lead me to VuVox, a Web 2.0 multimedia authoring tool that stole my attention for about a half an hour.  There could be lots of useful applications of  tools like this in higher ed, in particular where multimedia development resources might be stretched, or where there is a desire for students to tell a story, explain, show understanding, or even synthesize in a multi-layered, dynamic way.  Robin Good provides a nice overview/how to on the tool

  • visualization tool plus plus and amazing instructional design

    Two great new discoveries this week… Via downes, VUE is an open source application that pushes the envelope in the visualization/concept mapping department.  I have a  few projects that can take advantage of the ability to link nodes to local or public files, display images, and allow tagging and categories to be assigned.  Again, it passed the 2 minute tool test, and some of the more advanced features are well described and demonstrated on the Features page. The other item making the rounds in the Canadian Copyright world is an astounding piece of work from Appropriation Art.   Not only is the topic one that is of concern/interest to me, but that…

  • wordpress themes

    Via Mashable, some nifty themes that could be useful for some innovative projects–for now, parking this one, and this one with a bit of tweaking could be nice too.

  • this is nice

    I’ve used a few wiki systems over the years, and for a technology so simple I’ve at times found it surprisingly difficult to create the kind of pages I wanted and needed. The arrival of wiki editors facilitated things somewhat, making formatting a lot easier, but my other main challenges with wikis were: 1. uploading/linking to images 2. keeping my pages organized in some sort of navigation structure A couple of years ago I blogged about PB wiki (peanut butter wiki), a free wiki that had some features I really liked which seemed novel at the time: public or private settings, a nice interface, and decent navigation. A recent visit…